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This crazy quilt cropped button up was made using extant silk remnants from the 19th century and various hand stitching techniques I've learned over the years. 

The collar of this shirt has my initials 'ABS' embroidered on one side, and will have your initials embroidered on the other! *


Crazy quilting refers to the technique of patchwork shown here popularized at the end of the 19th century. Inspired by English embroidery, as well as the chipped and cracked Japanese pottery that was floating around western cultures at this point, crazy quilts were able to utilize scraps and remnants of fabrics that weren’t thought to be useful anymore. Decorative stitching and appliqués would also usually be embroidered onto the surface of these kinds of quilts and toppers as the idealized surface was alway covered in pattern and detail in the Victorian era.


*Please leave a note with purchase with your initials please!

CrazyQuilt Crop

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