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Cigar Felt Premium Smoking Jacket

2019-2020 | Antique Cigar Felts/Cigar Silk Ribbons, Hand Dyed Cotton

These felt flags were printed between the 1890s and the late 1910s. They were used as premiums for cigar companies, packed in cigar boxes and tins. The buyer of the tobacco could either return them as coupons for more tobacco, or give them to their wives to sew into quilts. When rationing of fabric began at the start of World War I, the cigar companies decided it would be easier (and cheaper) to switch to paper premiums. Because of the limited time they were made, certain countries such as Austria-Hungary and Persia do not exist anymore, and others such as Japan, America, Poland, and Scotland have simply changed their flags.


By collecting and quilting these flags I tried to take on the role of the sewer in the scenario. I cut and pieced together the flags, and their borders, to blend and confuse the lines of each flag. The silk ribbons were also used as they once held together bundles of cigars, representing on them the brands that were sold.

buse quilt3.jpg
buse quilt7.jpg
buse quilt9.jpg
buse quilt5.jpg
buse quilt4.jpg
buse quilt6-CROP.jpg
buse quilt1.jpg
buse quilt8.jpg
Flag fit Mask 1.jpg
Flag Fit Front .jpg
Flag Fit Back 1.jpg
Flag Fit Mask 2.jpg

For more images on how this look came to be,          click here!

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