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This upcycled unisex crop top is made from a 100% linen tablecloth and a feedsack signature quilt block. The feedsack-signature quilt block is from a set reaching around the United States, all from 1939-1941, utilizing cotton feedsacks as the printed material.This feedsack paterial has a beautifully printed set of florals. The signature belongs to Emilia Barnhardt. The 1940s tablecloth is printed with a wavy wood grain pattern surrounded by  vivid animals and foods such as fish, mushrooms, ham, and birds. There were two holes in the tablecloth on one sleeve and a stain on the other, all of which have been patched over with great detail. The cuffs, hem and collar are all upcycled from other garments. Size L/XL

Tablecloth & Feedsack Signature CropTop

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